About four years ago, I was living with a roommate whom I quite literally despised. We had lived together for two years and I could not bring myself to ask her to leave, even though we both seemed miserable in each others presence. Living in such a situation and having to deal with the stresses of medicine, I decided that I needed something to help me through my current living situation.

One weekend when I was visiting my parents, a friend of theirs told me that the owner of a local shelter had just received a litter of kittens that were looking for homes. She explained that the mother and her kittens had been taken away from a family who had been abusing animals. Since I am such a bleeding heart animal lover, I asked if I could see the kittens and maybe pick one out. The woman was ecstatic and told me that they would be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.

I went back to my apartment after that weekend, excited that I may be getting a new kitten and told my roommate. Upon hearing the news my roommate told me that she hated cats and that was exactly what I wanted to hear. I called the shelter and told the owner that I would be by to pick out a kitten as soon as they were available.

A few weeks went by and I went back to my parents to visit. I had purchased a pet carrier, fleece cat bed, kitten food, toys, cat nip, litter and a thousand other things that my soon to be pet would undoubtedly ignore. When I arrived at the shelter with my kitten transportation in hand I was lead to a small room that was tucked away in the back. When the shelter owner opened the door, I saw six adorable kittens climbing around and mewing for attention. When I walked in, all of them, except one small solid black one, came running to me asking to be held. I spent nearly two hours playing with the kittens, trying to figure out which one I wanted and the owner gave me plenty of suggestions on which I should pick. As I sat and played with each of them, the smallest kitten (the solid black runt) hid in the corner terrified and spitting. When I went over to pick it up, the owner told me to be careful because, “That one will scratch you to hell and we won’t be able to adopt it out.” I looked at the black kitten, it hissed at me and I knew that she was the one I wanted. I gave my donation to the shelter, packed up my new fuzzy black kitten and went on my way.

Over the years people have asked my why I didn’t pick out one of the nicer kittens. Why would I pick out the meanest, most ill-behaved kitten of the bunch? I tell them, “Because no one else would.” Who else was going to want the only kitten who wasn’t friendly? I knew that this kitten needed a home and someone who would take care of her, even if she was a brat.

Four years later, I would not have it any other way….

Things people have said about Kai:

“She is truly the most beautiful cat I have ever seen!”
“Why is she so mean?!”
“She looks like a Halloween cat.”
“I think she is contemplating my death.”
“Her eyes are amazing!”
“Kitty has cavernous ears.”
“I think your cat my be the devil.”
“She is a pretty kitty.”
“I think she is staring into my soul with those eyes!”
“She’s SO BAD!”

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