About Me

I am a young, extremely busy physician residing in California, though I am originally from the Midwest/East coast. I seem to be finding it very difficult to acclimate myself to the West coast lifestyle and this blog is a semi-selfish way for me to indulge myself regarding myself.

I graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City after completing their six-year B.S./M.D. Upon completion of the accelerated program I did an internship at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, followed by a residency at Saint Barnabas in New York City. I am currently practicing in Los Angeles, California for at least the next four years.

As of this moment, I have thrown myself into my work and had time for little else. I am hoping that this blog will allow me a chance to explore my inner workings and possibly allow others into my life as well. Even though I have limited time throughout my day, being forced to sit down and contemplate posts will hopefully cause my mind to focus on aspects of my life that are too often pushed aside. I look forward to exploring my randomness with whomever stumbles upon this site.

To know me is to know my passions. These include, but are not completely limited to: my beautiful cat Kai, running, ballet, baking, books/reading, neuroscience, endocrinology, and yoga.

Contact me: comebacktobeditscold [at] gmail [dot] com

4 responses to “About Me

  1. I bumped into you at Good Reads and I followed you here because something seemed intriguing and I was hoping to be intrigued. So I was pleased to find “About Me”. As I read I pondered why it is that we (or even, how common is it to…) define ourselves by our work, as if “it” is “who” we are, as if our work defines us. I suppose for a professional it is legitimate, but I like that your third paragraph opens the definition of you to the carnal, biological–no, the “natural” you. So, anyway, nice to meet you. I must go to work and fix some machines now. If we are to become best of friends I will bid you adieu until we chat again, or if we are but passing citizens in the digital world I wish you a wonderful life. – Tim

    • I think that we often define ourselves by our work because it has become such an important aspect of day-to-day conversation. When I meet someone for the first time, my profession comes up early on in our conversation. It seems to have become a way to identify possible matches (friends, potential mates, acquaintances) quickly. Asking about one’s profession has also allowed us to put individuals into nice, safe “boxes.” When someone finds out that I am a physician, preconceived ideas regarding my personality automatically pop into their mind. We are, in a way, stereotyped by our professions so that others feel more at ease when they meet us and can determine how well-suited we are for friendship. I’m glad that you were intrigued enough to stop by and I hope you found something interesting during your visit to my blog. I believe that you may be the first person to get here via the Good Reads route, but I’m glad you ventured down it.

      • I work in the IT field now so stereotypes run rampant. Sadly…most of them are true.

      • Some of those stereotypes are positive though. A lot of people assume that IT people are intelligent, use sound logic and are obviously comfortable with technology.

        The agoraphobic, socially awkward stereotype though….

        Thankfully I know that you are only all those good things :).

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