Monthly Archives: June 2012

Wide Range of Emotions

Just a quick update:

I really went through the entire emotional spectrum last week. I interviewed at a hospital in Boston (anxious, nervous), was offered the job (elation), began looking for a place near the city (stressful), and then was told they couldn’t afford to pay me even half what I was making now (depression).

So now I am left in California, and even though I have a great life here, I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. The reason I wanted to move to Boston was to be closer to my friends and family. Growing up on the East Coast, the majority of my good friends still live in NYC/NJ/Boston/CT. I don’t have many friends in California and with my schedule it has been difficult to find the time to cultivate friendships.

I have this weekend off, so I am considering taking my emotions out on a few tarts and cheesecakes. Any suggestions?