Eat, drink and be scary.

It’s that time of year and the season to rule them all has officially arrived. The air has a certain crispness to it, everything has a bit of pumpkin in it and the leaves are covering the ground in a gorgeous array of colours. It means that fields of corn are about to be harvested and people are finally breaking out their newly purchased jackets/coats. The best season ever is here! It’s finally fall and I couldn’t be more excited!

I'm jealous of this random woman who gets to enjoy fall. In fact, I hate her!

Ok, that’s a lie. I could be more excited about the autumn weather if I was actually able to experience any of it. Back home, autumn means all sorts wonderful things are happening. In Hermosa Beach, however, it’s just another gorgeous, sunny day. Another perfect day, just like the other 325 days of the year. I haven’t had a single loaf of pumpkin bread, a pumpkin cookie or a piece of pumpkin pie since fall began. Since the weather here is rarely below 60 degrees (F), I don’t even have to wear a heavy coat. Living in Hermosa Beach has put me in a serious Fall Funk and only one thing can get me out of it.


Yes, I totally picked this for YOU.

Halloween is my favourite holiday. I love everything about it. The food, the festivities and especially the crazy people I always meet. It is the one day of the year where it is ok for me to dress like a crazy person and it is completely copacetic. My costumes on Halloween are always over the top and I pour every ounce of energy I can spare into making them look amazing. Who wins every Best Costume Award at every Halloween party they attend? Yup, it’s me. Winning this particularly coveted award is a source of pride for me and I go all out to make sure I blow the competition out of spiked, green punch.

Growing up, my mother would make sure that all of our costumes were the most fantastic in the neighborhood. One year I wanted to be a dinosaur, except that my best friend also wanted to be a dinosaur. Not to worry, my mother had the most-over-the-top-dinosaur-costume-ever thing covered. She spent countless hours in the weeks before Halloween sewing and painting in her craft room. The day of Halloween, she proudly zipped me up in my homemade dino costume and I was the envy of all my friends. I put my best friend’s costume to shame (something I feel bad about now, but back then I was more like EAT IT BECCA)! So you could say that I have been a “competitive costumer” since I was young.

Each year, I start planning my costume well in advance. Months of prep work are required for fine-tuning and I spare no expense when it comes to the details. My costumes are never based on what is popular at the time and they aren’t always “normal girl costumes.” One of my favourite costumes was the one I made in 2009. After much deliberation, I decided on Alex from A Clockwork Orange. I special ordered a lot of the items needed for the costume and had to take the pants to a tailor to make them fit properly. I even scoured thrift stores for the perfect pair of boots and a cane that I could paint to more accurately match the one in the film. Needless to say, my costume was a massive hit with those who had seen the movie (and even some that hadn’t.)

Except...a girl...

Last year, I finally constructed a costume I had wanted to make for a while: a valkyrie. I purchased a handmade leather valkyrie mask*, Roman style sandals, a shield and I rented a sword. I then sewed a costume based on this picture (which was not easy since I don’t sew well):

I didn't have a horse to complete the look though.

The costume was absolutely incredibly and I need to find out if my aunt kept any pictures of it. I only got to wear the costume twice (sadly), but I have kept it for when I want to wear it again.

I am absolutely thrilled this year though! I have been invited to not one, not two, but THREE costume parties. The first costume party will be happening Thursday night. It isn’t that big of deal, just some people from work. The invitation said that it was a masquerade party and that we only had to bring a mask (no full costumes). Since I have a ridiculous collection of masks*, I am going to wear:

I totally wore this around the fair all day.

This mask came from a Renaissance Fair a few years ago (yes I went to a Renaissance Fair, what of it?) I decided to wear the Seraphim Mask with a shimmery dress and hopefully the costumes simplicity will make it a hit.

The second party I am going to is on October 22 and I will be dressing as this little guy:

I’m excited to wear the costume I created, as I had a jacket made to match the The Little Prince in his “formal” uniform (seen above).

The last party is the night of Halloween. I’m not sure if I will be able to go though. If I am able to make it, I have considered using the valkyrie costume again, since I love it so much. If I do, I will take lots of pictures!


Happy My Favourite Holiday!

*Since the purchase of my first leather mask, I have acquired around 25-30 more (10 of which were custom-made). I plan on amassing some sort of crazy leather mask collection and I have a blast picking new ones out. Bet you didn’t know THAT about me, huh?

Question: What are you doing for Halloween? What costumes have been your favourite? What are you going as this year? What was your favourite Halloween candy as a kid?

3 responses to “Eat, drink and be scary.

  1. Halloween sounds soooo much fun! Unfortunately we don’t celebrate it here in Mauritius. 😦 I would love to go to a costume party!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing pictures of your costumes. 🙂

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