Kittens Are Cute

Yesterday, an adorable kitten found it’s way to my parent’s house. I pretty much fell in love with it and I am hoping it stays around! I gave it food/water/shelter in hopes that it will become part of our family. My dad was less than pleased, but I think he will come around.

I would love to find it a good home or even help it find it’s way back home, but it’s always difficult placing stray cats.



7 responses to “Kittens Are Cute

  1. Goodness, it looks very small.
    Have you asked around, or at the vet’s?
    I’d be worried stiff if my cat were missing.
    I’m glad it’s safe with you.

    • I called the vet and emailed them a picture. I also asked around my parents neighborhood, but no one claimed him. I put up a few fliers this morning. Hopefully someone will take him! I made sure to mention on the flier that I will pay for his vet check-up and have him neutered if they would adopt him.

  2. so cuuute

  3. Has he been checked for a microchip?

  4. Aaah, poor wee mite. It’s so lucky he found you.

  5. Such a cute kitten!!
    He’s lucky to have found someone to care for him. Hope someone adopts him.

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