Lake Tahoe Worked Miracles

The weekend I spent at my parents gorgeous home at Lake Tahoe was sorely needed. Not only did it offer up a stunningly gorgeous view, but it allowed me time to relax. I tried to keep my phone buried away in my room, but I ended up packing it around with me more than I wanted. I extended my stay by an entire day when I found out that I did not have to work on Monday. A few of us stayed until later in the day and drove back in the afternoon.

By far my favourite part of the entire trip was curling up in the Adirondack chaise lounge by the water and reading my Nook. I was able to finish an entire book and started a second one while I was there. It was absolutely divine. I am now in the process of finishing The Magician King and will start the Gormenghast series soon. Peake’s series is an undertaking and I hope that I can finish it on time.

Another wonderful aspect of the mini-vacation was the food. Practically every meal we ate was prepared on-site. We spent a lot of time preparing food and each time was an exceptionally positive social experience. Each one of us contributed to every meal. One of the tag-a-longs was a bartender my cousin knows from LA and he created some fabulous cocktails to pair with meals (and to drink whenever!). Thankfully the kitchen was enormous, so we were all able to move around fairly comfortably and it was fun to watch the dancing going on in front of the stove. My favourite meal was a “Red Snapper Crudo w/ Watercress Pesto.” One of the couples had found the recipe in Food & Wine Magazine and thought we should try it. I dare say that I was not disappointed and I will definitely prepare it in the future.

I think that the weekend was something my mind and body were craving. The moment I relaxed, and I mean truly relaxed, I felt a huge weight removed. It is certainly a cliché to say, but I felt so much better being surrounded by calm. Coming back to Los Angeles was a bit of a shock to my psyche, but it was wonderful to feel focused again. After Monday the week is scheduled better and I will be able to cut back on my hours, starting on Thursday. Since I have been back, I have found myself daydreaming about relaxing and reading. I will hopefully be packing up again and heading to Tahoe rather soon. Perhaps the next time I visit, I will accidentally forgot to come back home!


One response to “Lake Tahoe Worked Miracles

  1. Sounds like a great trip, I’m super jealous but I have several more years to wait before I can even think about truly relaxing :/

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