The Great Migration

Can it really be considered a migration if I stay in the same city? Even though I didn’t have to move very far, I feel like I have moved cross-country. The entire “moving in” process has taken longer than expected, mostly because I have to do everything by myself. I had assumed it would only take me until the end of the month, yet here I am posting an update about how I am still not done.

One of the main issues I have dealt with is painting. Several of the rooms had colours that disagreed with me and I had to decide what colours I wanted to take their place. I am painting one of the rooms, which was originally mustard, a light shade of blue called “Blue Fox.” The colour is pretty easy to match and it is fairly neutral. Another room is being redone in “Herbal Garden” which is a mossy green. While painting the “Herbal Garden” my cousin declared, “It sounds like a strain of marijuana.” Now, every time I walk into this room I’m going to think of her delightful statement.

I also purchased some wall patterns from Blik, though I have yet to decide if I am actually going to apply them anywhere. I had originally purchased the patterns because I assumed I would be living in a different location. When my current home came back onto the market, however, I jumped on the chance to make it my own. The patterns are amazing and I would be more than happy to put them up, but I’m not sure if my current decor would appreciate such unusual wall art.

Everyone keeps telling me that it will just take time and that I shouldn’t rush the move in process, but I run a tight ship. I have always tried to keep things on schedule and it is difficult for me to see disarray, especially when I’m living in it.

I promise that as soon as I have the house the way I want it, I will post an update complete with pictures! Until then you will just have to imagine “I want the moments in my life to follow each other and order themselves like those of a life remembered. You might as well try and catch time by the tail.” (Yes, Sartre) in GIANT LETTERS, somewhere in my house.


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