Literary Intervention

Can someone be addicted to reading? I think I might be and I know that the first step is admitting you have a problem. I keep picturing myself locked away in my room, surrounded by towers of books with my friends and family knocking on the door wondering what I have been up to. I would end up on the show Intervention begging for them to just let me know what happens on the next page. I just need my fix, man!

I have been using the Nook on a consistent basis and have decided it was an excellent purchase. Since I recently finished A Game of Thrones, I have started A Clash of Kings and have found it to be absolutely amazing. It is incredibly imaginative, filled with vivid descriptions of characters and I never want to put it down to do other things. I also finished The Tragedy of Arthur, which was not at all what I expected and thus left a little to be desired. After I finish A Clash of Kings I can’t decide if I want to start A Storm of Swords or try to read something else to break up my George R.R. Martin reading frenzy. I am open to suggestions!

On another note, the detox is going better. I went to the MB Farmer’s market and was able to pick up some fantastic produce and organic fare that has rekindled my motivation to finish strong! I made a most delicious dinner, Moroccan Steamed Salmon with Quinoa and Carrots. The recipe comes from the magazine Whole Living, which I have been using quite a bit lately. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t getting bored with my menu and the farmers market helped out a lot. I have met my goal of running 50 miles every week since the end of April, though I almost missed last weeks. I ran 45 miles, but felt really tired on Sunday and I didn’t want to run. I forced myself to run the last 5 miles, but I felt that it was worth it in the end. Between my work-out schedule and the detox, I have been feeling pretty invincible and even though I have been a little moody lately I still feel incredible.

I went to see Super 8 yesterday after hearing rave reviews for the past week and being excited to see it since the previews. Sadly I was let down, as I found my mind wandering half way through. I felt like I was watching a toned down version of Cloverfield, which I had not really enjoyed either. Out of the 7 of us that went, 5 thought the movie was fantastic. I could not share in the majority opinion and thus they all decided that I was obviously wrong. The rest of the day was fun though and I was able to wear a Halston Heritage dress I recently purchased.

I have today off from work as well, which means that I probably won’t end up doing much besides reading. I will most likely go down to the beach to run later, since it is still a little chilly to swim. I also have yet to decide how I really want to use this blog. I’m sure that my personal ravings aren’t that interesting and I should probably write about something more productive. I don’t want to write about medicine/healthcare as I deal with that enough at work. There are far too many cooking/food blogs for me to try to join that cluster. I could review the books that I read, but that doesn’t seem like as much fun. I don’t know what should be done with this space! For now you will just have to deal with me.


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  1. Kristin Brænne

    Stay excellent! ★

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