Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

Wasn’t me. Though I wanted to very badly. I made an amazing batch of homemade Samoa cookies for my cousin on Sunday. They were just sitting there. Calling to me. They said (in their most tantalizing voice), “Look at us dripping with caramel and coconut. You worked so hard on us and you ran 50 miles this week, please try us.” I wanted to try them, oh I did. It was hard not to lick the spoon when I was all done, but I did not! I didn’t! I held out and grabbed flax crackers and avocado. Covering the crackers in avocado I pretended they were matcha green tea cookies and I was happy for a few minutes.

Then I wasn’t and I wanted to eat the cookies, so I sealed them up in a box with some ridiculous bow (so I wouldn’t open it). I told my cousin to pick them up and went outside with a glass of goop. On the way I realized that I didn’t have a new book to read, so I went online to track where my Nook Color was and it isn’t scheduled to be delivered until Wednesday. Then I walked around the house looking for a book to read, one that I had not already read and that would keep my interest until A Clash of Kings arrived. I found Jean-Paul Sartre Essays in Existentialism and since I had not yet read further than page 222, I read pages 223-422.

As far as the detox has been going, I have not been sleeping as well which makes me feel like a zombie during the day. This is compounded by the fact that I can not have caffeine, so it is a never-ending loop of exhaustion. I keep willing myself to push through it and I try to imagine how amazing I will feel at the end of this whole cleanse, but even though I know I have completed this detox several times before it continues to be extremely difficult.

I do know that as soon as I have completed the detox I will be making another batch of those delicious Samoas.


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